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Not sure exact what model the Finnish Flash uses these days but I have seen lots of pictures from 2011 and he is using an Easton model.

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Q: Did teemu selanne ever have an Easton pro model or curve. I have an s17 with his name on it. It is a pro stock stick?
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What hockey stick does Teemu Selanne use?

Last season 2011-2012 he used a Easton eq50 with his traditional curve. Before that it was a Easton s19 but it was only painted that way because it didn't have the elliptical taper the s19 has. It has the taper of a synergy. The curve was still the same square toe real tall profile.

What hockey stick curve best matches a fedorov curve?

easton's zetterburg

What kind of hockey stick is the best?

I Think Bauer reebok Easton r really good brands but it really depends on the curve and the flex of the dtick

What is the best hockey stick to have?

There is no "best" hockey stick. The quality of the stick is determined by you, the consumer. For example, Player A prefers the Warrior Dolomite stick because it is light weight. However, Player B prefers the Easton Synergy because of the curve on the blade.

You wanted to buy a composite hockey stick and was wondering wheather to buy an Easton or Reebok and which stick?


What type of hockey stick does Brian gionta use?

brian gionta uses easton sticks i acctually have a few of his stick i got from him pro stock and i like the flex and curve but unnfortunatly if you want the curve its gotta be costom i only have two sticks left and im going to have to order some

What stick is better easton 999 or Bauer vapor x rival?

easton 999

What hockey stick is most popular used by top pros?

Easton Stealth S17 or Easton Synergy Elite Easton Stealth S17 or Easton Synergy Elite Easton Stealth S17 or Easton Synergy Elite

What is the best hockey stick on the markets?

The best hockey stick is the easton S17, easton SE16, nike Bauer one95,or the nike Bauer XXXX.

What is the best composite hockey stick?

Easton S17

What type of stick does jarome iginla have?

A Easton Synergy 2

What stick did Wayne Gretzky use in his career?

titan - easton