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Q: Did sonny eliot ever play goal for the Detroit red wings?
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Have the Detroit Red Wings ever won the Stanley Cup?


Was Gordie Howe ever the Captain of the Detroit Red Wings?


Which NHL team won the 2007-2008 Stanley cup?

Statistically, the toronto maple leafs is the best hockey team ever

Did terry rigley ever play for the Detroit red wings nhl hockey team?


Did any team ever had a number 1 rating in every aspect of defense?

The Detroit Red Wings

Has a African American ever played for Detroit red wings?

There was a guy named Nate Robinson that played a few games for the wings, not sure if he is the only one.

Does Gordie Howe receive mail through the Detroit Red Wings?

yes he does because he was their best player ever

What was the first game the Red Wings ever played?

The Detroit Red Wings played their first game on November 18, 1926, against the Boston Bruins in Border Cities Arena in Windsor, Ontario. They were known, at the time, as the Detroit Cougars. They would not be renamed the Red Wings until 1932.

Who is the oldest player to play for the red wings?

Gordie Howe is the oldest player ever to play in Detroit, but today it is Nick Lidstrom

What is the heaviest octopus thrown on ice at a Detroit playoff game?

The heaviest octopus ever throw at a red wings game weighed 50 pounds. The heaviest octopus ever throw at a red wings game weighed 50 pounds.

What were the first ever NHL teams?

Boston bruins Montreal canadiens Toronto maple leafs new york rangers Detroit red wings

Will Detroit red wings ever win the cup?

Yes the Detroit Red Wings will win the Stanley Cup. They actually just did this past week. The Red Wing's have brought home 11 Stanley Cups total in franchise history. They also won the cup in 2002 with Goalie Dominik Hasek.