Did people like Joe DiMaggio

Updated: 12/12/2022
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As a Baseball player, DiMaggio was revered. In a 1969 poll, he was voted the greatest living player in the game. After his death in 1999, a best-selling biography -- "Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life" by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Richard Ben Cramer -- portrayed the Hall of Famer as a private, moody man who wasn't above using his fame for personal gain.

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Q: Did people like Joe DiMaggio
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Joe Dimaggio

How tall was joe dimaggio?

Joe dimaggio was about 6'2".

What is Joe DiMaggio's address?

Joe DiMaggio died in 1999.

Is joe dimaggio a Mexican?

is joe dimaggio mexican descent

What number did Joe DiMaggio wear?

Joe DiMaggio wore #5 for the Yankees.

What year was Joe DiMaggio a rookie?

Joe Dimaggio was a rookie in 1936.

What were Joe DiMaggio's religious beliefs?

Joe DiMaggio was Roman Catholic.

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What was Joe DiMaggio's son's name?

Joe DiMaggio's late son was named Joseph Paul DiMaggio III.

What is Joe DiMaggio's birthday?

Joe DiMaggio was born on November 25, 1914.

What teams did joe dimaggio play?

Joe DiMaggio played for the New York Yankees

Did Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio like each other?

Mickey Mantle idolized Joe DiMaggio and Joe was jealous because everyone said Mickey would be the greatest so Joe completely shunned him. Joe was a big jerk.