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According to sources and agreement 'in principle' has been made.

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Q: Did overhead door corp buy Wayne Dalton corp?
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Did Overhead Door Corp buy out Wayne Dalton?

Overhead Door Corporation and Wayne-Dalton jointly announced on September 2, 2009 that they have reached a tentative, non-binding agreement in principle, pursuant to which Overhead Door Corporation would acquire Wayne Dalton's overhead door business in North America and Europe. Under the terms of the tentative agreement, Overhead Door Corporation would acquire substantially all of the assets of Wayne-Dalton Corp.'s commercial and residential overhead door business, as well as their Fabric-Shield storm panel business in a cash transaction. Wayne-Dalton Corp. would retain its garage door opener and wireless home access control businesses and will continue to manufacture, market, and sell products of those businesses. The combined company would create North America's premier manufacturer and marketer of overhead doors and openers.

Did overhead door corporation buy Wayne Dalton?

Yes, Overhead Door Corporation did buy Wayne-Dalton! On December 7, 2009 Overhead Door Corporation completed its acquisition of Wayne-Dalton's residential and commercial door business, as well as their Fabric-Shield storm panel business. You can read more about this on both websites:

Where can one get a garage door that comes with a remote?

There are a wide variety of retail locations and companies that sell garage doors with remotes. Home Depot, Wayne-Dalton, and the Overhead Door Corporation, for example, each sell these items.

Can you install a genie garage door opener on a Wayne Dalton door?

I don't know you should try it Yes you can it wont make any difference what door you bought or the opener you bought.

Would would I be able to purchase an overhead garage door?

My daughter is beginning to learn how to drive a car. She accidentally backed up into the overhead garage door which means it needs to be repaired. Where can I buy a new overhead garage door?

What are the benefits of overhead garage doors?

My garage door is not functioning anymore and I would like to get an overhead garage door. What are the advantages of using such a configuration?

Who owns genie garage door now in 2007?

Overhead Door Corporation

Who makes Montgomery wards garage door?

Montgomery Ward was one of many companies who had door openers manufactured by Advance Industries, who later became a subsidiary of The Overhead Door Co. Other models of similar design were branded as Moore-O-Matic, Crusader, and even Overhead Door and Touch'N'Go, after Overhead Door bought the company.

What is the Overhead door dimension for warehouse?


Is a 2003 split port 4 door ford focus a single or double overhead?

single overhead cam

How do i control a z-wave lamp module with the lear car2u universal remote?

This requires the Wayne Dalton gateway module Wireless Gateway module WDHA-12R. The module allows many garage door openers, as well as Car2U, to control scenes. Unfortunately Wayne Dalton has left the home automation business and no longer makes it. You can try to find it on auction sites, or some home automation vendors still have stock.WDHA-12RWDHA-12RWDHA-12R

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