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No, the NXT Rookies, (aka. Nexus) did not hurt The Undertaker.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-22 17:58:49
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Q: Did nxt rookies hurt undertaker
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How did the Undertaker get hurt?

by a shoulder went out of place and then someone left him in a vegative state i think the nxt rookies did from season 1

Why are the nxt rookies attacking everyone?

The NXT rookies are attaking everyone because they want to be noticed.

Kane had found undertakers body in a vegetation state what happened?

the nxt season 1 rookies beat up the undertaker and Kane is going to beat up all of them

What happened to nxt rookies?

Season 1 rookies are now Raw superstars.

Can NXT rookies who have lost compete in the next season of NXT?

Yes they can and some are planning to.

Who is David Otunga?

A NXT rookie who was bullied by his pro along with his fellow NXT season 1 rookies.

Who are the 8 rookies on NXT?


How do you get on WWE NXT?

"NXT rookies" are wrestlers from "FCW"(wwe's developmental) so you would have to become an FCW wrestler

Did the season 1 nxt rookies get arrested?

no...not yet anyway

Which super star hurt the undertaker 2010 is he comiing back?

i think it was the first season of nxt wrestlers they are nothing but thugs and don't deserve contracts

Did nxt stars attack undertaker in stortline?


Who going to stop the season one nxt rookies?

all of the RAW superstars

Create the 8 WWE nxt rookies on WWE svr 2010?


How did sheamus become WWE chanpion?

He had help from the nxt rookies to beat John cena.

Who are john cena's rivals?

john cena's rivals (as of 2010) are the former NXT rookies.

Who attacked the undertaker on WWE?

Wwe nxt

How does a NXT work?

Rookies get a mentour that is a pro and they fight other rookies and the one with the most wins after a certain period of time gets to be in the pro business. That mentour is to help you get better.

Is nxt going to be on smackdown vs raw 2011?

i recently saw this cover of the game and it said featuring Ecw but they might mention NXT. the rookies wont be on it. No Bryan Danielson D:

Is john cena all right after the attack from the nxt rookies?

Yes, john Cena is alright after the atack of the NXT Rokies.He will return to Monday Night Raw on June 4, 2010.

What is nxt wrestling?

NXT is a show owned by WWE. It's a show they broadcast on their website, The show was originally supposed to be a competition where a bunch of rookies would compete in both challenges and matches to see who could become WWE's next star. The rookies would have WWE Pros coaching them through the competition. Noticeable stars that have come out of NXT are Wade Barrett and the World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan.

Will ECW be now NXT?

Yes they got rid of ECW because it was not very popular and they wanted a show for rookies

Do they know who attacked the undertaker LAST WEEK?

if u seen raw yesterday ask who attacked john cena, and wwe, well that answer leads to me, that nxt rookies did it im sure of it .So watch wwe everyday as u can because u might know what will happen.

Was Ryback a member of The Nexus?

Yes. Ryback was one of the rookies on the first season of NXT, under the name Skip Sheffield, and along with the other rookies former The Nexus.

Why are the nxt rookies called the nexus?

next rookies called them nexus coz the nexus means which some thing making to destroy that called nexus well there ae lots of meanings by nexus

Is kaval from nxt season 2 going out with Michelle laycool?

No Michellle is married to The Undertaker in reality