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Nolan Ryan can almost always be spotted in the first row in the first seat to the home plate side of the Rangers dugout. If you are lucky, you will rarely see former President George W Bush sitting in the same row.

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Q: Did nolan Ryan pitch in the Ballpark in Arlington?
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When and where did baseball player Ryan Snare play?

Ryan Snare debuted on August 6, 2004, playing for the Texas Rangers at The Ballpark at Arlington; he played his final game on August 6, 2004, playing for the Texas Rangers at The Ballpark at Arlington.

Who was the first major league player to a pitch a ball over 100 mph?

Nolan Ryan

Did nolan Ryan ever pitch for the angles?


What was Nolan Ryan's fastest pitch?


Who was batting against nolan Ryan when he threw his fastest pitch?

Nolan Ryan's Fastest Fastball was 106.07 Miles per hour. He trained everyday and threw his arm out more than a dozen times.

Who is the only Yankee to pitch a perfect game as a Texas ranger?

Nolan Ryan

What is Ryan nolan's nicknmae?

"Ryan's Express" was Nolan Ryan's nickname.

What was Nolan Ryan's nickname?

Nolan Ryan's nickname was "The Ryan Express."

Who has the record for the fasted pitch ever recorded?

Nolan Ryan in 1978, it was 100 MPH

What was goose gossage fastest pitch?

104 mph Nolan Ryan 105mph

What is the birth name of Nolan Ryan?

Nolan Cromwell's birth name is Nolan Neil Cromwell.

What is the story behind Nolan Ryans bloody lip Please be specific as I am trying to put an article together with the photo to match Thank you?

On September 8, 1990 the Texas Rangers hosted the Kansas City Royals at Arlington Stadium before a crowd of 34,412. As the second inning lead off hitter for the Royals, Bo Jackson hit Nolan Ryan's first pitch back to the mound. Ryan misplayed it and the baseball hit him in the mouth. Nolan Ryan refused to leave the game and went on to pitch through the seventh inning. Game stats: Nolan Ryan Stats: