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Q: Did nastia lukin ever go to public school?
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When he wasn't confined in juvenile facilities he attended public school.

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Why did nastia liukin wear pink instead of red white or blue?

The night before the competition Marta Karoli told them they could wear which ever leotard the wanted. Nastia's favorite color is pink, so she wore pink.

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i did. it was the worst school I've ever attended.

How long does Nastia Liukin train?

As an elite, Nastia trains for7-8 hours a day and 5 daysa week. (Monday - Friday)Nastia Liukin has been doing gymnastics ever since she was 3 because her parents couldn't afford a baby sitter so she spent her time in the gym her parents coached at.As an elite, Nastia trains for7-8 hours a day and 5 daysa week. (Monday - Friday)How_long_has_Nastia_liukin_been_doing_gymnastics

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