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Q: Did mirka have kids before marrying federer?
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When you marry someone with kids are you marrying there kids to?

No. You are marrying the man or woman, not their kids.

What would you like to accomplish before having kids?

marrying Orlando Bloom LOL

Before marrying someone who or what in their life must you get along with?

parents, kids, friends, pets

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For A+ kids like me the answer month

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No he did not, but his wife had two children before marrying him.

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Yes to Paco Malgesto and they had 3 kids...... I have yet to find out why she never mentions them.

What are the Friar's feeling about marrying Romeo and Juliet?

He thinks it is ok because he is doing an act of God by marrying these kids, to stop the feuding of their families.

Your dad had 10 kids before marrying your mom your mom had 3 before they married and 4 while married who has rights to real estate?

1.) Your Dad's 10 kids. 2.) Your Dad's wife. 3.) Your Dad's 4 kids with your Mom. 4.) Did your Mom and Dad have those 3 kids together? If so, then they have an interest. If not and he legally adopted, them then they have an interest. If neither then they don't have an interest. 5.) This is assuming your Dad has died.

Marc Stewart forver the sickest kids?

He left the band shortly after marrying Bonnie Stewart.

Marrying and prooved unfit father by state?

can you marry an unfit father by the state if you have kids in the state of illinois?

Why did Henry VIII keep on marrying other women?

you know what stupid man just wanted kids

What was Debbie Rowe's full name before marrying Michael Jackson?

She was one of michaels' ex-doctor assistant.