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Q: Did messi meet any interesting people?
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Did martin Luther meet any interesting people?

completely different people

Did johnny Depp meet any interesting people?

Take a look at pictures. I don't think there isn't anyone he hasn't met.

Is Lionel messi a father?

No, Lionel Messi does not have any children.

Who is better messi or dvilla?

It is Lionel Messi any day.

Does messi have any child?

sure,thiago messi is his son

Did Anne Frank meet any very interesting people?

She did not have any contact for fear of blowing the secret that her family and friends were in hiding. Her diary is though a look inside her life during those years.

Are there any Pokemon sites where you can meet people?


Did Simon fraser meet any aboriginal people?

he did meet them infact he marreid in aboriganal

Did Mariah Carey met any interesting people on her tour?

Yes, she did

Messi new phone number?

One time i visited baracelona at camp nou i took the pass to meet messi and xavi so when i went there i become crazy that messi is sitting in my front and i beg for his cell phone no and he gave me his no but he said me not to give his no to any one but you are my friend so write it down 9981010190-messi xavi-9752188100

Is Barcelona selling messi to inter?

Barcelona would not ever and ever sell messi to any club in the world because in the history of football there is no one like lionel messi

Does Lionel messi have any sponsors?

Herbalife International