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Yes, he got diagnosed after a drugs test just before the 1991-2 NBA season.
Yes, Magic is HIV positive.


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he and his wife adopted a child

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Q: Did magic Johnson have children after HIV?
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Why magic Johnson retired?

He had HIV

What is magic Johnson known for?

amazing basketball player. he's one of ten children. nicknamed magic. tested HIV positive and retired from basketball.

Which legendary NBA player has HIV?

Magic Johnson

Did Magic Johnson cheat on his wife?

Reports state that Magic Johnson cheated on his wife and contracted HIV.

Did magic Johnson have aides?

No HIV,the virus that causes AIDS. But HIV and AIDS are not one and the same.

What is the value of a basketball autographed only by Magic Johnson?

yes he does have hiv.

Can you play in nba with hiv?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson did it in 1995-1996

What famous people have HIV?

I know of two, Tommy Morrison and Magic Johnson.

What are Magic Johnsons interests and hobbies?

Magic Johnson's interest is in finding a cure for HIV and Aids worldwide.

In what year did Magic Johnson retire and tell the world he tested positive for HIV?

What was magic Johnson obstacle?

He tested positive in HIV in the 1991-92 season with the Lakers

When did Magic Johnson tell the world he had aids?