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yes, yesterday October the 16th Msu vs LSU. first time thou

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โˆ™ 2010-10-17 13:33:18
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Q: Did lsu ever play mcneese in football?
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Did lora hinton play football at lsu?

Yes. Lora Hinton was the first black player to recieve a scholarship and play football at LSU.

Who did lsu play in the 2007 national championship in college football?

Ohio state lsu ftw!!!

Who did lsu play in 1958 for the national championship in football?

LSU didn't play in the national championship they played Climson in the Suger Bowl, but do to LSU being number 1 they were awarded the title with Iowa

Why dont LSU and Alabama play there football games at night?

Well because LSU games are stupid and Alabama wants you to record it

What colors or on the lsu football helments?

The colors of the LSU football helmet is yellow and with a Tiger on it

Is the LSU college football awesome?

They rock! They will kick Alabama's butt's whan they play!

What sports does LSU play?

softball, basketball,football, hockey... go to there website and see

Did lsu every play university of southern cal in football?

LSU played USC only twice. In 1979, LSU lost 17-12 at home. However, in 1984, LSU beat USC bad in Los Angeles 23-3. What may happen if they play today we won't know until there is a football playoff (Geaux Tigers!)

Who will win this Friday's Football game between Arkansas and LSU?


Which college football team won the 2003 NCAA football championship?

LSU Tigers / shared it with USC, the better team that year, but the BCS blows so they didn't pick the right team for LSU to play.

What position does trindon holliday play for LSU football?

Running back, wide receiver and kick returner.

Who won the last time Lsu played Iowa in football?

LSU won!

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