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according to arthur on cbbc yes

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No. Lance Armstrong is alive.

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testicular cancer

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Q: Did lance Armstrong have cancer
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How Lance Armstrong showed courage?

Lance Armstrong showed courage because he raced bikes while he had cancer

How long did it take Lance Armstrong to recover from cancer?

At age 25, Lance Armstrong battled with testicular cancer. It took him one year to recover from cancer after months of chemo treatments.

Famous people who have had testicular cancer?

Napoleon Bonaparte, John Wayne, MaSakzau YoShizawa

Which famous people had cancer and survived?

Lance Armstrong

When did lance Armstrong overcome his cancer?


How many times did lance Armstrong have cancer?


Why did Lance Armstrong have a testicle removed?

He had testicular cancer

When did lance Armstrong recover from cancer?

The next day!

What is the purpose of Lance Armstrong foundation?

The main purpose of Lance Armstrong Foundation or Living Foundation is to provide support for people with cancer. This is a non-profit organization founded by Lance Armstrong.

What has Lance Armstrong done for society?

Lance Armstrong has helped raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society For Fighting Blood Cancer.

When did Lance Armstrong found the Livestrong Foundation?

Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer on October 2nd, 1996.

What is Lance Armstrong age of major illness?

Cancer. 19.