Did lacrosse come from Minnesota

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: Did lacrosse come from Minnesota
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Who is the Minnesota swarm?

It is the local lacrosse team.

Who does Zach greer play for in lacrosse?

Minnesota Swarm! :)

What are the 6 MN professional sports team?

The Minnesota Vikings (football) The Minnesota Twins (baseball) The Minnesota Wild (hockey) The Minnesota Timberwolves (basketball) The Minnesota Swarm (lacrosse) The Minnesota Thunder (soccer)

How many miles is it from Minneapolis minnesota to lacrosse Wisconsin?

Basic miles from Lacrosse to Minneapolis is 156 miles. At least that is the miles I calculate.

What college or university has the best or most well known field lacrosse program?


Where did the name lacrosse come from?

the word lacrosse comes from the french phrase the cross... la is the and the cross in lacrosse is your stick.

How many miles is New York from Minnesota?

How many miles is it from New York City to LaCrosse, Wisconsin?

What does Lacrosse Waders sell?

Lacrosse Waders are a product rather than a seller. They are produced by Lacrosse Footwear and come as wader pants and as chest waders in various designs and materials.

What is the road distance from LaCrosse WI to Thief River Falls Minnesota?

About 465 road miles using I-94 W.

When will Austin mahone come to Minnesota?

When he realizes he needs to come to southwest minnesota cuz we love him

When and where on tv does lacrosse usually come on?

Saturday morning on espnu

What chanel does lacrosse come on?

espnu on saturdays before 3est