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he went to the University of Notre Dame in south bend,IN.

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Q: Did knute rockne play college football at notre dame?
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How tall was Knute Rockne?

Knute Rockne was a famous football player and coach at Notre Dame. He is known as the gipper. It is unknown as he tall he was.

Notre Dame football coach from 1919-1931?

Knute Rockne

Renowned Notre Dame football coach during the 1920s?

Knute Rockne.

Where did Knute Rockne coach?

Notre Dame.

What university did knute rockne attend?

Notre dame

Did Lombardi coach the Four Horsemen?

I believe the Four Horsemen were coached by Knute Rockne at Notre Dame.

How did Ronald Reagan come by the name of Gipper?

He got the nickname from playing the role of George Gipp, Notre Dame football player , in a movie, Knute Rockne -All American.

What movie and television projects has Knute Rockne been in?

Knute Rockne has: Played himself in "The Spirit of Notre Dame" in 1931. Played himself in "Carry On" in 1931. Played himself in "Various Shifts" in 1931. Played himself in "Sports Immortals" in 1939. Played Coach Knute Rockne in "I Am an American" in 1944. Played Himself - Notre Dame Football Coach in "Football Fanfare" in 1946. Played himself in "Fifty Years Before Your Eyes" in 1950. Played himself in "The Golden Twenties" in 1950. Played Coach Knute Rockne in "Touchdown Town" in 1952. Played Himself - Football Coach in "Project XX" in 1954. Played Himself - Notre Dame Football Coach in "When Sports Were King" in 1954. Played himself in "The Legend of Rudolph Valentino" in 1961. Played himself in "Babe Ruth: The Man, the Myth, the Legend" in 1990. Played Himself (segment "Love and Money") in "Idols of the Game" in 1995. Played himself in "Sports on the Silver Screen" in 1997.

What actors and actresses appeared in Football Fanfare - 1946?

The cast of Football Fanfare - 1946 includes: Felix Blanchard as Himself - Army Football Player Tom Harmon as Himself - Michigan Football Player Ed Herlihy as Commentator Knute Rockne as Himself - Notre Dame Football Coach

How many coaches has Notre Dame football had?

In the modern era Lou Holtz is considered to be the most successful Fighting Irish coach. He coached for 11 years at Notre Dame and had a record of 100-30-2 which gives him a winning percentage of .765. Taking into account all Notrue Dame head coaches the best would have to be Knute Rockne. He coached for 13 years and had a record of 105-12-5 which gives him a winning percentage of .881.

What has the author Michael R Steele written?

Michael R. Steele has written: 'Knute Rockne' -- subject(s): Biography, Football coaches, History, Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Football team) 'Christianity, The Other, and The Holocaust (Contributions to the Study of Religion)' 'The Fighting Irish Football Encyclopedia' -- subject(s): Football, History, Notre Dame Fighting Irish (Football team), University of Notre Dame 'The Fighting Irish Encyclopedia'

Why did Lou Holtz resign as NY Jets coach?

When Lou Holtz decided (Not the University) to quit coaching at Notre Dame (1996), his decision was based on refusing to compile more wins then Knute Rockne, who had 105 wins and Lou at that time had 100 wins, he felt if he stayed one more year he would surely pass up Rockne and he felt Rockne made Notre Dame Football what it is today and he refused to do that, that's Integrity!