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Outside linebacker.

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Q: Did junior Seau play outside or middle linebacker?
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Where does junior seau live today?

The former NFL Football star Junior Seau attended the University of Southern California.

Who was the linebacker who played for San Diago and then for New England?

Junior Seau

When did Junior Seau die?

Junior Seau died on May 2, 2012.

What is the birth name of Junior Seau?

Junior Seau's birth name is Tiaina Baul Seau Jr..

What number did Junior Seau wear?

Junior Seau wore number 55

What is Junior Seau's birthday?

Junior Seau was born on January 19, 1969.

How many career sacks does Junior Seau have?

Junior Seau had 56.5 sacks during his career.

When was Sports Jobs with Junior Seau created?

Sports Jobs with Junior Seau was created in 2009.

Who was the oldest linebacker to ever play in the NFL?

Clay Matthews - 19 seasons 1978-1993: Cleveland Browns 1994-1996: Atlanta Falcons

What actors and actresses appeared in Sports Jobs with Junior Seau - 2009?

The cast of Sports Jobs with Junior Seau - 2009 includes: Nikita Scriven as Costco employee Junior Seau as Himself - Host

What is the value of an autographed Junior Seau photo?

Authentic autographed Junior Seau memorabilia & signed collectibles. Junior Seau footballs, helmets, jerseys, photos.

How old is Junior Seau?

Tiaina Seau Jr. aka Junior Seau, was 43 years old when he died on May 2, 2012 (birthdate: January 19, 1969).