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In practice only!

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Q: Did john stockton ever dunk
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Anyone ever met john stockton?

yes, i have, it was amazing

Who was the best point guard ever?

john stockton or isiah thomas

What is the birth name of John Stockton?

John Stockton's birth name is John William Stockton.

What nicknames does John Stockton go by?

John Stockton goes by Jonnyrock.

When was John Stockton born?

John Stockton was born on March 26, 1962.

What is John Stockton's birthday?

John Stockton was born on March 26, 1962.

Who has the most assist in the NBA ever?

John Stockton...... The one record that was made never to be broken

Does John Stockton still play basketball?

No, he does not. John Stockton retired in May of 2003.

Has a white guy ever won the NBA slam dunk contest?

Yes John Barry

What does the name stockton mean?

john stockton for the Utah jazz

What was John Stockton's jersey number?

John Stockton was number 12 throughout his NBA career.

When was John P. Stockton born?

John P. Stockton was born on 1826-08-02.

When did John P. Stockton die?

John P. Stockton died on 1900-01-22.

What is John Stockton's highest assist average ever in a season?

14.5 is what i official foundBUT!PCH=14.7

How old is John Stockton?

John Stockton is 55 years old (birthdate: March 26, 1962).

What has the author John Stockton Littell written?

John Stockton Littell has written: 'The historians and the English Reformation'

Was Stockton ever the capital of Ca?


Did Mugsy Bogues ever dunk?


When was John Arthur Stockton born?

John Arthur Stockton was born on June 1, 1900, in Minto, Ontario, Canada.

What has the author John Stockton written?

John Stockton has written: 'Victorian bottles' -- subject(s): Collectors and collecting, Victorian Bottles

Leads the NBA in steals?

John Stockton

At what age did John Stockton retire?


What is John stockton shoe size?


How many children does john stockton have?


How old is Stockton?

John Stockton is 55 years old (birthdate: March 26, 1962).