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No he kissed Maria you can watch it on YouTube

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โˆ™ 2010-11-27 02:54:37
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Q: Did john cena kiss mickie james.......?
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Did John Cena kiss Mickie James?

yes because they went on a date and he had her thongs

Did john cena really kiss maria and Mickie?


Did john Cena kiss Melina?

No John cena never ever kissed Melina he only kissed Maria, Mickie.

When is john cena and mickie James going to kiss on raw?

WE don't know yet WE don't know yet WE don't know yet WE don't know yet

Watch the john cena and maria kiss?

youtube john cena and maria kiss

Did Candice kiss John Cena?


Does john cena and WWE maria date?

They never went out. John Cena only kissed her because she was talking to much. He got annoyed and kissed her. One kiss doesn't mean they are dating. Unless they kiss alot of times. They are not dating! Get that through your skulls. He is dating Mickie James now. For goodness sake he had her underwear. September 05, 2008 No they have never dated it was storyline only

Did Melina Perez ever kiss a girl?

yes mickie James

When did Mickie James kiss trish stratus?

It was sometime in December 2005.

Who has John Cena kiss?

maria his wife

What is mickie James finisher called?

The Mickie-DT She also does a roundhouse kick move called The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Did John Cena kiss maria?

yes he did............if you go on YOUTUBE.COM and type in john cena and maria and it will show you

Is there any lesbians in the WWE?

Mickie james, she wanted to kiss trish strates. I'm not kidding, search it up on you tube Mickie james, she wanted to kiss trish strates. I'm not kidding, search it up on you tube

Did John cena ever kiss Michelle mccool?


Did aj lee kiss john cena?

Yes He Did

Did john cena kiss kelly kelly?

Yes they did

Is John cena dating aj?

Nope But they did kiss on wwe I thought it was cute:) And john cena isn't married

Does John Cena have any famous ex girlfriends?

Maria Used To Go Out With Cena July 24, 2008 maria and Cena never dated in real life that was storyline only. He is currently dating Mickie James. July 24th, 2008 Actually Cena Did Date Maria, For Like A Week, It Was When They Had There Kiss Scene. July 24, 2008 No at the time the did the kiss scene he was still engaged to Liz and maria was dating CM Punk at the time. May 4, 2009 No John Cena didnt date Maria or Micky and is still engaged to Liz and Getting married this June

Does John Cena have a wife or kids?

John Cena Does Not Have A Wife Then Why Would Eve Toress Be Hitting On Him And Why Would He Kiss Eve?

Did John Cena kiss Eve Torres?

Yes, they kissed.

Where did the frenchamerican kiss come from?

Jacques Chirac and John Cena.

Did john cena kiss Randy Orton?

No. That has never happened.

Why did Eve kiss John Cena?

Cause he saved her life

Is mickie James bi-sexual?

I don't think so but she obviously loves to kiss other divas!

Did eve kiss John Cena?

yep you really didnt see it