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Try Joey Beauchamp

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Q: Did joey beacham play for Manchester city?
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Who did joey beacham play for?

Try Joey Beauchamp

Where do man city play?

At The City of Manchester Stadium in Manchester

Do Manchester city play in Manchester?

Yes. Home games are played at City of Manchester Stadium

Where does carlitos tevez play?

manchester city

Where does man city play there home games?

man city play their home games at city of Manchester stadium or eastlands in Manchester

Where does Man City play?

at the city of Manchester stadium.... in greater Manchester! CTID

Who did carlos tevez play for in 2009?

Manchester City. and Manchester United

Did Danny Murphy play for Manchester City?

The English footballer Danny Murphy did not play for Manchester City in a 20-year playing career.

Who does maicon play for?

He plays for Manchester City

How many manchester's are there?

2, Manchester United and Manchester City, both play in the Barclay's Premier League.

Does Manchester United own the ethiad stadium?

No. The Ethiad Stadium is where Manchester City play, not Manchester United.

Did mark robins play for Manchester city?

Yes, Mark Robins played for Manchester City on loan in 1999.