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Q: Did joe dimaggio have a divorce with Marilyn Monroe?
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Which New York Yankees player was married to Marilyn Monroe?

Joe Dimaggio

Who did Joe DiMaggio date?

Marilyn Monroe

Did Marilyn Monroe and joe dimaggio have a child?


Why did Marilyn Monroe and joe dimaggio divorce?

At the press conference announcing the divorce, Monroe's attorney said it came from a 'conflict of careers'. Joe wanted her to be a homemaker but she wanted to continue her career in the movies. Friends said Joe was jealous of all the attention Marilyn would get when they were in public. DiMaggio and Monroe were known to bicker and argue constantly and she filed for divorce 9 months after the wedding on the grounds of mental cruelty.

What was Marilyn monroe's 2nd husband called?

Joe DiMaggio.

Who did Joe DiMaggio marry?

One of his wives was Marilyn Monroe.

Who was maried to joe dimaggio?

His most famous wife was Marilyn Monroe

Which baseball star was once married to Marilyn Monroe?

Joe DiMaggio

Who was Joe Dimaggio married to?

no one he died aloneHis most famous wife was Marilyn Monroe

What were the names of Marilyn Monroe?

Jim Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller.

Is Marilyn Monroe married?

Marilyn Monroe married to James Dougherty from 1942 to 1946 Marilyn Monroe married to Joe DiMaggio from 1954 to 1955 Marilyn Monroe married to Arthur Miller from 1956 to 1961

When did Joe DiMaggio marry Marilyn Monroe?

She and Joe eloped January 14, 1954. At the time she was probably about 27 years of age.