Did jimmy rimmer play for man city?

Updated: 12/2/2022
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Q: Did jimmy rimmer play for man city?
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Who were the man utd subs in the 1968 final?

1 sub. Goalkeeper Jimmy Rimmer

Who won two European cups for two English clubs but was only on the pitch a total of less than five minutes?

Jimmy Rimmer, sub goalkeeper for Man Utd in 1968 and he was substituted after 5 mins while keeping for Aston Villa in 1982 Jimmy Rimmer was replaced by Nigel Spink after 9 minutes

Where does man city play there home games?

man city play their home games at city of Manchester stadium or eastlands in Manchester

Where do man city play?

At The City of Manchester Stadium in Manchester

What English player has won the Champions League twice?

jimmy rimmer. he only played about the final 3 minuets for man utd in 68 and was on the bench for the entire game for villa in 82.

Who did corluka used to play for?

man city

Does ronaldinio play for man city?


Who does carlos teves play for?

man city

Do man u and man c share a stadium?

No Man U play at Old Trafford while Man City play at Eastlands

Where does Man City play?

at the city of Manchester stadium.... in greater Manchester! CTID

Where do man city play their home games?

In the Brittannia Stadium

What track team did Jackie Robinson play for?

man city