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yes they played sports some Indian tribes played Lacrosse

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Q: Did indianas of the northwest coast tribe play sports?
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A northwest coast tribe?


Which American Indian tribe inhabited the Pacific Northwest Coast?

there were many tribes in the Pacific Northwest. examples would be the Chinook tribe, the Tlingit tribe and the Haida tribe. you can find a bunch of info if you type in Pacific Northwest Coast Indian history.

What tribe lived in northwest plank house?

Northwet Coast

Where did the northwest Indian tribe live?

Alaska and near the pacific coast

What tribe used igloos?

No specific tribe used igloos but, for an answer the people of the northwest coast due to a cold climate built igloos.

What tribes made totem poles?

Only 6 Northwest Indian tribes produced totem poles. The Tlingit tribe, the Haida tribe, the Bella Coola tribe, the Kwakiutl tribe, the Tsimshian tribe, and the West Coast tribe.

Does northwest tribe live in teepees?

does the northwest tribe live in teepees

What native American tribe lived in the northwest?

The klickitat tribe lived in the northwest.

What is the name of a Pacific northwest Indian tribe?

One Indian tribe that lives in the Pacific Northwest is the Lummi tribe.

Why did the Kwakiutl Indian tribe of the Pacific Northwest Coast of US and Canada use deer hides and deer fur?

What material???

Where did makah Indian tribe live?

The Makah Indians are original people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. They live in Washington State.

What does it mean for a totem pole to be sanctioned?

For a totem pole to be sanctioned, it must be:made by a trained Northwest Pacific Coast native person, or in rare cases, a non-Native apprentice who is approved by a Northwest Pacific Coast Tribe from southeastern Alaska, coastal British Columbia or northern Washington stateraised and "blessed" by Northwest Coast natives or elders who are part of the totem pole tradition

Is coast salish people a tribe?


What did the northwest coast tribe sleep in?

they were made of cedar bark . in the winters, they cover up the plank house by the fur of the animal they killed. this is because, no cold air could go in.

What native tribe settled northwest Iowa?

Sioux indians

What tribe was pushed out of northwest Louisiana with a treaty?

native americans

Who are the tukano tribe?

They are a group of people from the Northwest Part of the Amazon.

What kind of shelter does Coast Miwok Tribe used?

the coast miwok uses the shade

Do the Kwakiutl live in the American Southwest?

No. This tribe, now known as the Kwakwaka'wakw, live on the Pacific Northwest coast. Specifically, the tribal homeland is in British Columbia, Canada and on Vancouver Island. Some tribe members live outside the homeland in Victoria, British Columbia and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Who invented totem poles?

the Kwakiutl Indian tribe in Northwest Canada

What did the pacific northwest Indians celebrate?

You need to ask about a particular tribe.

What is the Florida Indian tribe name that has three letters?

The Ais or Ays were a tribe on the Atlantic coast of Florida.

Where does the Calusa tribe live?

rhe Calusa tribe lived on the sandy shores of the southwest coast of Florida.

What tribe of the pacific northwest haunted whales?

Do you mean hunted or haunted? The Quileute tribe was one of the few whale-hunting tribes.

What are five interseting facts about the northwest tribes?

Important facts about the Mingo tribe