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They were very fond of Martial Arts. Wrestling was greatly appreciated and included in the Olympics.

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Q: Did greek people like martial arts?
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Do Chinese people like martial arts?

Chinese people like martial arts as much as Americans. Some really like it and some don't. Just because someone has heard of a famous Chinese person who did martial arts doesn't mean everyone there likes it. I must admit many men do but women don't participate.

An event were athletes fight with gloves?

Boxing, mixed martial art, martial arts like karate

What is a example of a haiku poem about martial arts?

You could do it about Karate? That is kind of like martial arts

Where do you get karate shoes?

Karate is practiced in bare feet, shoes are not worn. There are martial arts shoes that are designed for people that like to do martial arts and there are some, such as kung fu, where shoes are worn.

Do girls like martial arts?

Yes, girls and women seek out martial arts training for any reasons, including the original reason for having invented the martial arts: self defense.

What is the best martial arts for acting?

Probably Tae Kwan Do; a lot of people like the flashy kicks, consequently a lot of martial arts B movie actors are often TKD black belts.

What fighting styles do you have to have to fight like Doc on def jam fight for ny?

Martial arts kickboxing martial arts

Does Taylor Lautner like martial arts?

yes in fact at the age of 5 he joined martial arts and finished at age 14

What do you call people that do martial arts?

well it can depend on the martial art they are doing some have a traditional name martial artist for most but things like bujinken ninjutsu have the name shinobi

Why study the martial arts?

There are a variety of reasons that someone would study the martial arts. It depends on your age, gender, and personality amongst other things.If you are a child, then your reason doesn't matter much because you made the decision arbitrarily and you asked your parents to do it or your parents just put you in a martial arts school because they had their own reasons, but the reasons for studying the martial arts varies depending on what you want and need mentally, physically, and sometimes spiritually.The mind is an important tool and ome people study the martial arts because they are fascinated by it. There is a long history of martial arts and each art has its own origin and lineage. Like history, it can be interesting but unlike history, it's active. The combination is attractive to active people.Some people study the martial arts for the discipline, focus, and concentration development. Parents generally involve their kids in the martial arts because it is a great way to develop these qualities.The martial arts world is vast and due to the history of each art, there is more than enough knowledge to occupy a person for a lifetime. This knowledge is what is passed on throughout the history of the martial arts and the more knowledge that you acquire, the more knowledge that you are able to pass on. By learning more, you can develop more skill. The more skill you have, the better martial artist you can potentially become. It is important to know what the technique is and why you are doing it.Some people do it to exercise their minds. In order to practice the martial arts, you have to remember what you've been taught. Memory is important so exercising the mind helps maintain your memory. Some students have a hard time remembering techniques that they've just been taught, some remember techniques after they've been shown once, and the majority of students lie somewhere in between those two extremes. It is important for the mind to continue to work or it will begin to falter during later years.Stress is a major factor in daily life now and everyone needs an activity that they can do that relieves that stress. The way that people deal with stress can be very different, but the great thing is that there are about as many martial arts as there are ways to deal with stress. If you want to hit things on a regular basis, then a punching bag is really useful and boxing might be for you. If you need something that will calm you down, then Tai Chi is very relaxing. Mental health is very important and the martial arts world is full of methods to help in that struggle.Some people are looking for a physical activity that is fun or different. Some people don't like doing basic exercise because it can be boring. Most martial arts are very physical and can be very demanding. Some can be more gentle and accommodating. There are a variety of martial arts out there that are well suited for anyone to practice and can cater to your personality.The development involved in the martial arts is usually the reason that people involve themselves in skill based activities. By developing skills, you increase your ability and improve yourself. Some people enjoy the act of developing their skills and increasing their ability to be involved in more serious physical activity due to certain demands that certain martial arts require.Some people join due to the community that some martial arts schools provide. There are plenty of people that select arts due to their personality and because of that, you generally find many like minded people that gather at a martial arts school. Being involved in a fun activity with like minded people can be very welcoming and healthy for both the mind and body.There is a long history of the spirit of the martial artist being a part of what makes a good martial artist. This can range anywhere between sheer will and the spirit of your martial arts ancestors guiding your learning and development. There is meditation to calm the mind and there is meditation to become one with the spirit of the martial art that you are learning. No matter what your beliefs are, the idea of the spirit of the martial arts can be interpreted as your connection to the martial arts. How much do you want it? How much does it raise your vitality or improve your moral? What are you willing to do to obtain the skills and knowledge? This is the spirit of the martial arts.Everyone has a different reason for doing the martial arts, but everyone can benefit from the martial arts in some way. The best thing to do is to figure out why you would like to study the martial arts.

Is ratchet master of martial arts?

He is not. He swings a wrench and shoots people. Sounds more like a drunken mechanic to me.

Martial Arts or Fencing?

fencing counts as a martial art, just like karate and tkd

Why do people take martial arts?

They take the arts because of two reasons, one is because it seems like something really exotic and interesting. The other reason is that in the world we live in one can never be "too" equipped to handle themselves in an attack situation. Martial arts is a much more complex version of fighting, it isn't just about punching and kicking, there is much more. The purpose of martial arts is to create a better citizen.

What is shaolin martial arts like?

very spiritual..

What form of martial arts is like dance?


Is Vovinam pure Vietnamese martial arts?

Vovinam is a Vietnamese martial art. Like most martial arts, it is a blend of techniques. I believe there are aspects of Hapkido and Karate, as well as kung fu in the background of Vovinam.

Are martial arts an artform?

Yes, the martial arts are unlike painting or sculpture, but they are not entirely unlike dance. Originally, the martial arts had less in common with other arts because had so many practical applications; however, modern martial arts are seldom employed in war. They are now much more commonly employed in sport. As sport is so often performed as an entertainment, it is now much more like other performing arts.

What does parkour have to do with martial arts?

Well in both you need to be fast and efficient and aware of whats going on around you like cars or people and in martial arts you need to be aware of what your opponent is doing and where they are. In both you need to have strength in your arms legs arms stomach and back. In parkour you have the risk of getting hurt easily but in martial arts there is no jumping off buildings on to concrete and parkour is a type of martial art. conditioning for both is a lot of work.

Why and how did the orient develop martial arts yet no one else did?

Many areas developed Martial arts. In Europe with the invention of the gun, the martial arts focused on the use of weapons. The unarmed martial arts continued in the form of sports such as wrestling and boxing. The French developed Savant along the seacoast. Much of Asia did not use firearms like muskets until 1800's. This allowed for the martial arts of Asia to survive as true fighting forms

What martial arts were used in the movie Charlie's Angels?

Of course Martial arts was used in Charlie's Angles, but as for the specific type I am not sure. If it is like most other movies, however, it is probably a vast array of different types. Usually, because of all the different martial arts there are, when people are taught a martial art, and then learn more than one, when they reteach one or the other they combine them. But in the movies, depending on what the directors want in the scene, the type of martial art will change, because every martial art specializes in a different category! Lucy Liu personally practices the martial arts of Kali-Eskrima-Silat (knife-and-stick fighting). But the choreographed moves were a mixture of several eastern martial arts including various styles of wushu and karate.

What kind of sport is martel arts?

Martial Arts is genre like rugby league, soccer etc.

Is it true that Chinese people like to do karate?

no that is a stereotype, just like chinese people ride pandas to school. China's national martial arts is Kung fu and karate is Japanese.

How do you fight like Bruce Lee?

Take a martial arts class.

What is the best martial arts studio for families?

Most likely Taekwondo or Karate, these martial arts have many families involved and most studios of these take both children and adults as students, compared to martial art styles like BJJ that may not.

What sport does Katsuma like on Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters Katsumas like martial arts!