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Q: Did frank mcavennie play for west ham and Celtic?
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Which 13 players have played for either one of the old firm and west ham?

First two: Paoloo di Canio and Frank McAvennie.

When was West Allotment Celtic F.C. created?

West Allotment Celtic F.C. was created in 1928.

Who do you play as in Dead Rising 2 Off the record?

You play as Frank West. The character you play as in the first Dead Rising.

Did Frank Lampard play football for west ham?

Yes,he was signed by Chelsea from West Ham later

Did frank lampard play for Liverpool?

no frank lampard have been in west ham from 1995 till 2001 and has been since then in Chelsea

Is Danny dyer a Celtic fan and a west ham fan?

Yes infact he is more a west ham fan he also supports Celtic

What club did Frank Lampard play for before west ham?

Frank spent his youth career with the hammers but he was loaned out to Swansea city for a while.

What was the year Frank Lampard play for west ham?

1994 he joined west ham youths and left west ham to join Chelsea in 2001 menaing he was at the club for 7 years

Who went against type to play bad guy Frank in Once Upon a Time in the West?

Henry Fonda

At what age Frank Lampard started to play soccer?

when he left school in 1994 he joined west ham, aged 16

When was Frank West - baseball - born?

Frank West - baseball - was born on 1873-01-21.

When did Frank West - baseball - die?

Frank West - baseball - died on 1932-09-06.