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Bruno won the wbc heavyweight title 2nd September 1995 beating Oliver McCall who beat Lennox Lewis.

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Q: Did frank Bruno win the world title?
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What year did Frank Bruno win the world heavyweight title?

2nd September 1995

Did frank Bruno win the British heavyweight title?

He has being WBC Heavyweight Champion. I don't know if that is the british heavyweight title.

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Will kofi Kingston win the world title?

not necessarily he sticks to the smaller titles first but u never know when he will win a world title championship title

What title did sting first win?

NWA World title

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When did mikeTyson win world title?

When he was not a loser

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Who was the youngest boxer to win a world title?

Mike Tyson

Who will win world heavyweight title?

There are many wrestlers who could.

Who holds the most heavyweight boxing titles?

Oscar De La Hoya - 6 WBO Junior Lightweight title; World WBO, IBF Lightweight titles;World WBC Junior Welterweight title;World WBC Welterweight title (failed to win IBF title);World WBC, WBA Junior Middleweight titles: WBO Middleweight title (failed to win World WBA, WBC, IBF titles).Thomas Hearns - 5World WBA Welterweight title;World WBC Junior Middleweight title;WBC, WBA Light Heavyweight titles:WBC Middleweight title (failed to win World WBA, WBC, IBF titles):WBO Super Middleweight title (failed to win the WBC title in controversial bout).'Sugar' Ray Leonard - 5World WBC, WBA Welterweight titles;WBA Jr. Middleweight title (failed to win WBC title);World WBC Middleweight title:WBC Super Middleweight title (failed to win WBO title):WBC Light Heavyweight title. (Won SMW and LHW titles in same bout).Floyd Mayweather, Jr. - 5WBC Junior Lightweight title;World WBC Lightweight;WBC Junior Welterweight title;World WBC, IBF Welterweight titles:World WBC Junior Middleweight title.

First boxer to win the world heavy weight championship title three times?

Mohammad Ali or Cassius Clay was the first boxer ever to win the world heavyweight title thrice.