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Q: Did eve Torres and john cena ever dated?
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Do eve torres and john cena go out in this year?

Is john cena and Eve torres go out

Who is WWE eve Torres boyfriend?

John Cena Her boyfriend is not John Cena he is married! she is dating one of the wrestling in development

Does John Cena has a girlfriend on WWE diva?

John Cena is not dating a diva at this time. the only Diva he has ever dated was Mickie James.

Did John Cena go out with milena?

July 24, 2008 Cena and Milena have never dated. Nor has he dated Maria. Nor does he have any children. Nor has he ever dated Torri

Who is eve torres's husband?

John cena

Did john cena ever dated anyone?

No one except maybe once with Rey Mysterio.

Has John Cena dated Mickie James?

Idk if they ever actually have dated but I know he is married to another girl and its not mickie james.

Has John Cena ever dated a WWE Diva?

No, john cena got married to Liz (hu he dated since he was 17) on 11th July 09.He has never dated a diva, and torrie has been dating That Spirit squad dude for 3 years now -_-.

Has john cena dated anyone in the WWE?

John Cena had a relationship with Diva Mickie James

Did John Cena kiss Eve Torres?

Yes, they kissed.

Has john cena dated a black women?


Did Melina go out with John cena or John Morrison first?

John Morrison because Melina has never dated john cena.