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Magic Johnson never played for the Magic, just the Lakers.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-09 21:31:40
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Q: Did earvin Johnson played for the Orlando Magic?
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Where did Earvin Magic Johnson grow up?

Earvin Magic Johnson grew up in Orlando.

Who do they call Magic?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson played for the L.A. Lakers

How many brothers did Earvin magic Johnson have?

Earvin Magic Johnson has 1 brother named Larry

Names of Earvin Magic Johnson Brothers and sisters?

Do not know the names of Earvin Magic Johnson brothers or sisters.

What disability did earvin magic Johnson have?

Magic Johnson had H.I.V.

Who is Magic?

Magic is the nickname for Earvin Johnson.

What is magic Johnson's full name?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr.

How old is Magic Johnson?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson is 57 years old (birthdate: August 14, 1959).

What is the birth name of Magic Johnson?

Magic Johnson's birth name is Johnson, Earvin.

Whose ncikname is magic?

Earvin "Magic" Johnson

Why is Earvin Johnson Jr's nickname Magic.?

he was magic

Was magic Johnson with the Orlando Magic?

No he never played for them.

Dad of magic Johnson?

Earvin Johnson Sr

What is magic Johnson dads name?

Earvin Johnson

What is magic Johnson's parents?

Earvin Johnson Sr. and Christine Johnson.

Who are Magic Johnson parents?

Earvin Sr and Christine Johnson

What was Earvin Magic Johnson's sister name?

Evelyn johnson.

Who went by Magic?

Earvin Johnson, Jr.

Who's nickname is magic?

Earvin Johnson

Who's nickname was Magic?

Earvin Johnson

How old is magic johson son earvin the third?

Magic Johnson son Earvin the 3rd is 15 years old.

What is magic Johnson father name?

Earvin Johnson

Did magic Johnson play for olrlando magic?

Yes,he played for Orlando magic in 1981.

What is magic Johnson's real first name?


Did Earvin Magic Johnson have any siblings?


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