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Q: Did don cherry win a Stanley cup when he was a hockey player?
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What cup is held for hockey?

The Stanley Cup

What sport awards the Stanley Cup?

Ice Hockey awards the Stanley Cup.

Did Don Cherry win Stanley cup as coach?

no he did not win a Stanley cup as a coach

What is hockey trophy?

The Stanley Cup

Who is the only player to win a Stanley cup and an olympic gold medal and a world junior hockey cham jr and world cup of hockey as a player?

Corey Perry and Scott Niedermayer have won golds at the Olympics, the World Championships and the World Junior Championships as well as a Stanley Cup, a Memorial Cup and a World Cup of Hockey.

What was the oldest hockey cup?

It might be the Stanley cup.

What NHL hockey coach has won the Stanley cup as a player and a coach?

Wayne Grtezky

Stanley cup for don cherry as a coach?


What hockey team has won the Stanley Cup?

This year, the Detroit Redwings have won the Stanley cup.

Who won the 1665 Stanley cup finals in hockey?

No one. The Stanley Cup was not invented yet.

Where can you see the Stanley cup?

You can see the Stanley Cup in the "Hockey Hall of Fame" in Toronto, Canada.

Does don cherry have a Stanley cup ring?


Who is the only player to win a Stanley cup and a memorial cup and an olympic gold medal and a world junior hockey championship and a world hockey championship?

Scott Niedermeyer.

How and when did Don Cherry got his Stanley Cup ring?

Don Cherry doesn't have a Stanley Cup ring. He lost to the Montreal Canadiens in both of his appearances in the Stanley Cup Finals (1977 and 1978) as coach of the Boston Bruins.

Which cup is awarded to American hockey league champion?

The Stanley cup is awarded to the winner in American Hockey.

Which trophies is associated with the game of hockey?

The Stanley Cup

Hockey episode of south park?

Stanley's Cup.

What is the championship series in hockey called?

Stanley cup

Can you fight in the Stanley Cup playoffs for hockey?


How many Stanley cup rings does Don Cherry have?


How long has the world championship trophy for hockey been called the Stanley cup?

The Stanley Cup was established in 1893

Who won the 1885 Stanley Cup in ice hockey?

No one. The Stanley Cup was awarded for the first time in 1893.

What hockey team won the first Stanley cup in 1893?

Montreal Hockey Club

What is the big prize for the national hockey league?

Stanley Cup

Where is the real Stanley cup?

In the Hockey Hall of Fame in Ontario.