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Fouts never played in the Super Bowl.

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Q: Did dan fouts play in a Super Bowl?
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Did dan fouts ever win a super bowl game?

No, Dan Fouts never played in a Super Bowl.

What QB's Went to the Hall of Fame but did not win a Super Bowl?

Super Bowl era QBs in the Hall of Fame that did not win a Super Bowl include Dan Fouts, Sonny Jurgensen, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Warren Moon, and Fran Tarkenton.

Best quarterbacks to never win a super bowl?

In the Super Bowl era, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly probably head the list, followed by Warren Moon and Dan Fouts. In the pre-Super Bowl era, Y.A. Tittle was arguably the best.

What great quarterbacks haven't won a super bowl?

Among the Hall of Fame quarterbacks who never won a Super Bowl: Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Dan Fouts, Fran Tarkenton, Sonny Jurgensen and Jim Kelly.

What notable quarterbacks never won the super bowl?

Dan Marino, Danny White, Dan Fouts, Sonny Jurgensen, Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, Fran Tarkenton

Where did dan fouts play college football?

University of Oregon.

What super bowl did dan marino play in?

san francisco

What is Dan Fouts's birthday?

Dan Fouts was born on June 10, 1951.

When was Dan Fouts born?

Dan Fouts was born on June 10, 1951.

How many non super bowl winning players are in the hall of fame?

everyone not completely but dan fouts played as #14 and led the chargers to super bowl XXIX/29 and lost to the 49ers 49-26 and both combined for 75 pts. setting a super bowl record

How many Super Bowl did dan marino play in?

One - 1984.

Who won the Pro Bowl MVP in 1983?

For the Pro Bowl played in 1983, Dan Fouts and John Jefferson were co-MVP's.

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