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Q: Did dallas cowboys lose 15 games in a row?
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Who did the bills lose to in the Super Bowl?

The Bills lost to the NY Giants, Washington Redskins, and Dallas Cowboys two years in a row...

Which NFL team has the most playoff appearances in a row?

Dallas Cowboys

Who won 2 Super Bowls in a row?

denver broncos and dallas cowboys

What NFL team had 20 winning seasons in a row?

Dallas Cowboys (1966-1985).

What was Dallas cowboys record in 1993 after the first two games?

The Cowboys, who struggled while running back Emmitt Smith staged a holdout, lost their first two games of the 1993 season. After Smith returned to the team for Game 3, Dallas won seven in a row and 12 of the next 14 games. The Cowboys went on to win their second consecutive Super Bowl.

How many times has the Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins in a row?

The Cowboys' longest win streak against their NFC East rivals was 10 games between November 16, 1997 and November 28, 2002.

When was last time Dallas beat eagles in Dallas?

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Dallas two weeks in a row at the end of the 2009 season. On Jan. 3, 2010, the final game of the regular season, the Cowboys defeated the Eagles 24-0 at Cowboys Stadium. Six days later, the Cowboys eliminated the Eagles from the wild card round of the playoffs with a 34-14 win at Cowboys Stadium.

How many rings did the Dallas Cowboys win in a row?

The Cowboys have once won consecutive Super Bowls, those being Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII.

Did the Dallas Cowboys win 6 Super Bowls in a row?

No, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the only NFL team to have won 6 Super Bowls and they did not win them in a row.

What year did the bills go to the super bowl?

Four consecutive years in a row. 1991(Loss to the New York Giants), 1992 (Loss to the Washington Redskins), 1993 (Loss to the Dallas Cowboys), 1994 (Loss to the Dallas Cowboys.)

How many years in a row did dallas beat redskins?

From November 16, 1997 to November 28, 2002, the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Washington Redskins 10 consecutive times.

Ken Norton Jr is the only player to have won three super bowls in a row with who?

Dallas Cowboys , san Francisco 49ers

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