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No they did not.

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Q: Did dallas cowboys have a player named Kenny smith. He uses the name K D Smith?
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What is Tyron Smith's number on the Dallas Cowboys?

Tyron Smith is number 77 on the Dallas Cowboys.

Which NFL player scored the most touchdowns in the decade of the 90s?

emmitt smith of the Dallas cowboys

Who is 22 on the Dallas Cowboys?

Emit Smith

Where was Emmit Smith drafted?

Dallas Cowboys

Did a player by the last name Emmett play for Dallas Cowboys?

Yes his name is name is Emmit Smith.

What NFL team does Will Smith play for?

Will Smith plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys leading rusher?

Emmitt Smith

Who picked up the tee for the Dallas Cowboys?

Emmet Smith

What NFL team does Tyron Smith play for?

Tyron Smith plays for the Dallas Cowboys.

What position does Ryan Smith play?

Ryan Smith plays Safety for the Dallas Cowboys.

When was Emmett Smith of the Dallas Cowboys born?

Emmitt Smith was born May 15, 1969.

What position does Tyron Smith play?

Tyron Smith plays Offensive Tackle for the Dallas Cowboys.