Did cowboys win December 5th

Updated: 10/19/2022
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No. The Dallas Cowboys were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles, 30-27, at Cowboys Stadium.

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Q: Did cowboys win December 5th
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Did cowboys win a playoff game in 2005?

No. The Cowboys did not win a playoff game between December 28, 1996 and January 9. 2010.

Did the Cowboys win?

No. On Sunday, December 24, 2017, the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from playoff consideration after a 21-12 home loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

Will The Dallas Cowboys win a title this year?

It depends on how well they play during the all-important month of December.

Who will win between the cowboys and the vikings?

the cowboys

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Who will win rabbitohs v cowboys?

Cowboys all the way!

What is the raiders record against the cowboys and what years.?

The Raiders have six wins to four for the Cowboys. 1974 - Raiders win 27-23 1980 - Cowboys win 19-13 1983 - Raiders win 40-38 1986 - Raiders win 17-13 1992 - Cowboys win 28-13 1998 - Raiders win 13-12 2001 - Raiders win 28-21 2005 - Raiders win 19-13 2009 - Cowboys win 24-7

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Can the Dallas Cowboys win a game?

no they will never win with a quarterback like that

Who is going to win the super bowl colts or cowboys?

the cowboys cause colts suck

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What is the New England Patriots franchise win loss record vs the dallas cowboys?

The Cowboys have a .573 win percentage to New England's .536.