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no they were to expensive

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Q: Did boxers have boxing gloves in Victorian times?
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How many times are you allowed down in boxing?

Pro Boxers fight from 2 to 4 times a year.

How do you beat a egg?

First you have to buy a pair of red boxing gloves, then punch the egg you want to beat up 10 times, or until you make a huge mess. But it is really worth it. You can get boxing gloves at Dick's Sporting Goods.

Did injuries in boxing improve since gloves were worn?

No. In fact gloves made boxing far more dangerous. In the bare knuckle days you could only punch your opponent so many times in the head before you broke the bones in your hands. The introduction of gloves has led to far more fatalities.

Why is yeovil towns nickname the glovers?

Because through time, especially in the Victorian times, Yeovil was famous for producing Gloves.

Can you type with boxing gloves on?

If you tried, the effect might be similar to that of a baby playing with a keyboard, or a cat walking on a keyboard. -If you wanted to and you tried hard enough, probably you could. It is really hard but it can be done. It will take 10 times longer, but if you find yourself superglued to some boxing gloves and need to type something urgently (such as to someone to find out how you can get the gloves off) then it is possible.

How much would boxing gloves cost?

The cost of boxing gloves depends on the brand and quality. Low end brands range from around fifteen to twenty-five dollars. High quality gloves may cost over one hundred dollars. The average cost of gloves is around thirty-five to fifty-five dollars.

Who reigned in Victorian times?

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In victorian times did they have guns?

yes they did have shotguns in Victorian times.

What were the fashions like in the Victorian times?

The Crinoline was the fashion in Victorian Times.

What were beaches like in the Victorian times?

what were beaches like in the Victorian times? what did they do

What happended in Victorian times?

Victorian things ;)

Where Jelly Babies made in Victorian times?

Yes they where made in Victorian times