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Yes and he also managed them for a short period.

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Q: Did bobby charlton play for Preston north end?
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When did bobby charlton play in the England team?

Sir Bobby Charlton is a icon in English football.He helped them to win the world cup, and helped Manchester United to win their first Champion League cup.

Who is the only footballer to play for teams managed by both bobby charlton and jack charlton?

Mark lawrence

How long did bobby charlton play for Manchester united?

19 years

What SA team did Bobby Charlton play for?

There is no chance what so ever of Sir Bobby Charlton playing for a club in South Africa. He had always played for both England and Manchester United,.

What club did bobby charlton play for when he won his world cup medal?

West Ham United.

Where do Preston north end play?


Where do Preston North end play football?

Preston North End play at Deepdale stadium in Lancashire. They have played there since they where first created as a club.

Where does Preston north end play their home games?


Where does the Preston north end play there home games?


What college did NFL player Preston Parker play for?

NFL player Preston Parker played for North Alabama.

Why do Preston North end play football?

to make Preston seem a great place and they are a decent team and we will win the league

Who is the best player that ever play in premier league?

There are a few who can claim this they are Ryan Giggs, Bobby Charlton, George Best, Dennis Bergkamp, Henry.