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he played for the celtics

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Q: Did bill Russell play for the supersonics?
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What team did bill russell coach?

Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Seattle Supersonics

Did bill Russell ever play for the nuggets?

Bill Russell played his entire career for the Boston Celtics.

Has a black coach won an NBA title?

Bill Russell (Celtics), Al Attles (Warriors), Len Wilkens (Supersonics), and K. C. Jones (Celtics)

How many years did Bill Russell play?

Bill Russell played 13 seasons in the NBA, 11 of which are championship seasons.

What NBA team did Bill Russell coach?

Bill Russell coached 3 different NBA teams Boston Celtics 1966 - 1969 (he was the 1st African American head coach in pro sports Seattle Supersonics 1973 - 1977 Sacramento Kings 1987 - 1988

What position did bill Russell play?

he played small foward

How many hall of famers did Bill Russell play with?


Did Johnny mathis play basketball with bill Russell?


Who did the bulls play in the championship in 1996?

Seattle SuperSonics

What NBA teams did bill Russell play with?

boston celtics only

How many years did Bill Russell play in the NBA?

13 years

What collage team did Bill Russell play for?

the University of San Francisco

What is bill Russell full name?

Bill Felton Russell

What team does Ray Allen play for?

he was traded from the supersonics to the Boston Celtics

Where do the Seattle Supersonics play?

KeyArena at Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington.

Who is better Bill Russell or Michael Jordan?

bill Russell because bill Russell has more rings then Michael Jordan Russell has 11 and mj has 6

What nba teams did bill Russell play for?

He played with the Boston Celtics whole career

When did bill Russell die?

Bill Russell is still alive today.

When was Bill Russell born?

Bill Russell was born on February 12, 1934.

What was Bill Russell's number?

Bill Russell was number 6 throughout his career.

What is Bill Russell's birthday?

Bill Russell was born on February 12, 1934.

Bill russell's nickname?


Did Bill Russell win a championship as a head coach?

Twice as a player/coach with the Boston Celtics (1967-68 and 1968-69). He also was head coach of the Seattle Supersonics and Sacramento Kings but did not win a championship with either team.

What team did bill Russell play defencive center?

Bill Russell played for the NBA. He was known for being an amazing defensive center during his 1959- 60 season when he played for the Boston Celtics team.

What games did bob cousy bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain bill sharman bob pettit play?

he played Sean all night >....>