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When Basketball was first created players were not allowed to dribble the ball.

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2009-03-16 15:02:45
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Q: Did basketball players dribble the ball when it was first created?
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How does newtons first and third law occur when you dribble a basketball?


Where and when were the first basketball players paid?

they first payed basketball players in 1896

What are the names of the different types of dribble moves in basketball?

-Double dribble. -Drool dribble. -Pee Pee dribble. (towards end of first half). These are all strictly based on experience. Anyone else? Google dribble?

How do you play a basketball?

First of all, the sport is called basketball. Not a basketball. The objective is to dribble the ball down the court and shoot with your hands into the basketball net.

What are the two types of double dribbles in basketball?

The first Double Dribble is when you start dribbling and then stop, and then start dribbling again. The second double dribble is when you dribble the ball simultaneously with both hands and when you dribble from right to left every dribble.

What year were basketball players paid?

The first time basketball players got paid was in 1896

Who were the first professional basketball players?

Michael Jordan

In what year were basketball players first paid?


What specific tasks will basketball involve?

well first yuu will have to learn how to dribble shoot and run with the ball in ur posseson

When was Macedonian First League - basketball - created?

Macedonian First League - basketball - was created in 1992.

Who were the first basketball players?

The first basketball players were the students in Dr. James Naismith's physical education class at the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusettes, USA.

In what year were the first basketball players paid to play?


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