Did auburn win

Updated: 12/15/2022
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auburn always wins

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Q: Did auburn win
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Will Auburn win the Iron Bowl in 2010?

Auburn is going to win the Iron Bowl no matter who they play

Will auburn win the BCS championship?

Yes, they will win against Oregon.

Alabama vs Auburn records?

Since 1981, what is the Alabama Vs. Auburn win/loss record?

What is the win-loss record of Auburn Tigers vs Georgia Bulldogs?

53-51-8 Auburn leads.

Can auburn win next year?

Yes if they have a good team

What is the win-loss record between the Auburn Tigers and the University of Tennessee?

For football: Auburn leads 26-21-3

Did auburn win first or al?

Auburn won the first Iron Bowl on February 22, 1893, with a score of 32-22.

What is the overall history of win to loss of Alabama vs auburn?

As of the end of the 2010 season, Alabama 41, Auburn 34, and 1 tie. RTR

Who was the last Auburn player to win the Heisman Trophy?

Cam Newton in 2010.

What is the song played at auburn games that says hands up?

All I do is win

Who will win the national championship 2011?

Most likely Auburn will. 58% chance of Auburn and 42% chance Oregon. Other people think that it will be a close game.

What is the win-loss record of Alabama football against Auburn football from 2002-2007?

Alabama went 0-6 against Auburn from 2002-2007.