Did archery comes from greek

Updated: 11/18/2022
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Q: Did archery comes from greek
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Why did the olympics stop archery?

Because archery isn't a greek sport

What is toxology?

Toxology is the study of archery (from the ancient Greek "toxon: bow, arch"); it actually has nothing to do with toxicology (although this comes from the ancient Greek "toxikon: arrow poison").

Why is the word toxophilic related to archery?

The relation is through the word "toxophilite." "Toxo" is the Greek root for "bow" and "-philite" comes from the Greek "philos" meaning one who loves or a friend. The rough translation of "toxophilite" then becomes "one who loves bows (or archery)." Toxophilic is then the adjective form of toxophilite (n.). Used in a sentence: That archery tournament was the pennical of my toxophilic dreams.

Who is the goddess of Archie?

If you mean Archery, The Greek Goddess of hunting / Archery was Artemis, "The huntress". I think.

Where did Artemis the Greek goddess learn archery?

She didnt. All gods and goddesses are born with talents, her talent was archery.

What was the sole event in which women participated in the original Greek Olympics?


Who is the god or goddess of light archery and music?

In Greek mythology: Apollo

Who was the goddess of archery?

In Greek mythology the goddess of archery and the hunt was Artemis. Her twin brother Apollo was also a god of archery.The Greek Archer Goddess was Artemis, and Diana is her Roman counterpart. Apollo (in Greek AND Roman legends) is Artemis's or Diana's brother, depending on if your going by Greek or Roman Mythology.

What is Apollo's title?

Apollo is the greek god of the sun, medicine, archery and music.

What were the Greek god Apollo's traits?

handsome passionate good at archery narcisist

Who founded archery?

every culture had some form of archery, but the origins of the longbow comes from wales who were also the best archers, along with the english

What are the hobbies of the Greek god Apollo?

Music, archery, killing enemies, love affairs.