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Q: Did anyone ever died in a roller derby?
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Where did roller derby come from?

roller derby first came out in the America through the grate depression and the name pink panther is the best name ever.

Has anyone died on Silver Star the roller coaster in Germany?

No. No one has ever died on the Silver Star.

Has anyone ever died on a roller coaster?

Unfortunantly yes ppl have died due to rollar coaster malfunctions.

Has anyone ever died on a Busch Gardens roller coaster?

No, there has never been any fatalities at either of the Busch Gardens.

Did anyone ever swing miss in a home run derby?

In the 2011 derby, Brewers 2B Rickie Weeks swung and missed at his first pitch. He did not win.

What sport is only played by women?

There is one, it is played by men but hardly ever. it's a girl thing.that sport is roller derby.the best sport ever may i add.

What is the slowest anyone has ever raced in the Kentucky Derby?

Kingman won the Kentucky Derby in 1891 at a time of 2:52.25 but the distance during that time was run at 1 1/2

Has anyone ever died on the London Eye?

No one has ever died, I mean ever.

Who ran the fastest derby ever?

The fastest Kentucky Derby ever was run by Secretariat.

Has anyone died on the moon?

No astronauts have ever died on the moon.

Has anyone ever died from cheerleading?

Accidents happen and sometimes cheerleaders have died.

Has anyone ever died on the Sheikra?


DID anyone ever died in Pokemon?


Has anyone ever died bmxing?

yes i have

Has anYone ever died at carowinds in nc?


Has anyone ever died from hiccups?

Yes. my teacher. she died in class from hiccups.

Has derby ever won the premier league?

Derby has not won it as yet.

Did anyone ever died from chewing chewing gum?


Did anyone ever died because of racism?


Has any one ever died on a roller coaster at six flags?

No, not that i have been told of - Follow me on twitter @HeatherFoyxx

Did anyone ever die on The biggest loser?

Has anyone died on the Biggest Loser tv show

Has anyone ever died from a spider bite?

Yes, people have died from spider bites.

Has anyone ever died of deepthroating?

Yes, there are people who have died of deep throating as a result of being chocked.

Has anyone ever died from a fart?

Yes Jeremey Bush did it

Have anyone ever died from sickle cell disease?