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Q: Did any player for New Orleans Saints wear jersey number 86?
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Which player weighs the most with the New Orleans Saints?

As of October 25, 2016, John Jenkins is the heaviest player on the New Orleans Saints at 359 pounds. This answer came from the player roster found on the New Orleans Saints' website. I also verified that 359 pounds was correct by consulting Jenkins' player profile on the NFL's official website.

What player gets paid the most for the New Orleans Saints?

drew brees get paid the most on the saints.

Who is New Orleans Saints highest paid player?

Drew Brees

Who was the New Orleans Saints first player in their franchise history?

The first player signed to a contract (January 27, 1967) by the New Orleans Saints was kicker Paige Cothren. Cothren hadn't played in the NFL since 1959 and did not play for the Saints.

What NFL team does Mark Ingram play for?

Mark Ingram plays for the New Orleans Saints.

What New Orleans Saints player used to play for the Minnesota Vikings?

Darren Sharper

Which NFL player did Kim Kardashian split from?

She split from Reggie Bush from the New Orleans Saints.

Was there a player named Treadway on the New Orleans Saints team?

Apparently not. No one with the last name Treadway is listed historically as an NFL player.

Who won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award in 2000?

Joe Johnson, DE, New Orleans Saints

Who won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year Award in 1991?

1991 Pat Swilling, New Orleans Saints Linebacker

Which football player who hosted dogfights?

if I'm not mistaken it was Joe Horn for the New Orleans Saints... and don't get confused but I am a girl...

Which player for the New Orleans Saints pulled out a phone after a touch down and called his mom?

Wide receiver Joe Horn.