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Q: Did any nba championship team get swept the next year?
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Did any NBA championship team not make the playoffs the following year?

Yes the 1998-1999 Chicago Bulls. They are the only team in NBA history that won the championship and didn't make the playoffs next year.

Are the Denver Nuggets Going to the NBA championship?

next year

What basketball team won the championship this year?

Dallas Mavericks

Why doesn't the PAC ten conference play a championship game?

Because you have to have 12 team in your conference to hold a conference championship game. That is the reason Colorado and Utah join the PAC 10 next year so they can conference championship game. Go Bears!

What are the odds that Kentucky wins the basketball national championship next year?


Which NBA basketball team won the NBA championships in the year 1989?

Detroit swept the Lakers 4-0

Name a first year qb in the sec that led is team to a sec championship or national championship?

Danny Warfel, Florida

Which team won the championship this year in the NCAA?

football- LSU Basketball- Kansas

What team won BCS championship game last year?

The Auburn Wildcats

Who was the first NBA team to win the championship and what year?

Minniapolis Lakers in 1950

Which team won last year's mls championship?

LA Galaxy of course

In what year did University of Texas Football team win it's last National Championship?

2005 but it doesn't count because they didn't beat an SEC team for the championship.

Will the browns do good next year?

They are the greatest team ever. of course they will do good next year

Has a NHL team and NFL team from the same city ever won a championship in the same year?

Pittsburgh, 2009.

Which ncaa team won the last championship?

The University of Connecticut won the NCAA National Championship Game in basketball last year.

Which team did Liverpool face in this year's UEFA championship league?

Lyon, Fiorintina and Debrician

Has a nba team nfl team MLB team won a championship all in the same year?

yes durr wat kind of question is that

What is meant by defending champion?

The defending champion is the person or a team that won the Championship title last year. The team or person has returned to the championship to defend that title and to try to win again.

What is The footballl League Championship?

The Football League Championship is a Championship series where the highest levels of footbal players compete for a trophy. The trophy is awarded every year to the winning team.

What was the last year the Dallas Cowboys won a championship?

The 1995 Cowboys were the last Dallas team to win the National Football League championship.

Which team won the formula one constructors championship last year?

Brawn, Mercedes engine.

What is the worst record for a team the year after winning a college football national championship?

5 AND 7

What team had the worst record the year after winning the national championship?

The 2011-2012 Auburn Tigers

Are there any MLB teams that have not been swept in 2011?

The Braves still have not been swept this year.

What team won the Stanley cup in 1983?

Al Arbour coached the New York Islanders to the 1983 Stanley Cup championship. The Islanders swept Glen Sather and the Edmonton Oilers in four games. This Stanley Cup would be the last of four consecutive championships for the Isles in the 1980s. The team has not won the Cup since that year.