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Q: Did alexandre bilodeau broke his leg or harm?
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Was King Tutankhamun in pain when he broke his leg?

If you broke your leg would YOU be in pain?

How old was King Tutankhamun when he broke his leg?

I think he was 17/18 when he broke his leg.

What did John Wilkes Booth yell after he killed Abraham Lincoln and broke his leg?

bc his leg was broke

What leg did Justin Bieber brake?

He broke his foot. Not leg.

Which leg has Justin Bieber break?

He did not break is leg.He broke is foot onstage. And he broke his leftfoot.Justin Beiber broke his right leg. But still sang at his concert!

What is does broke mean like you broke your leg?

it means the bone in your leg snapped ....nice let me guess skate boarding?

When Justin Bieber's got on stage he broke his what?

he broke his leg or his ankle

Where did Justin Bieber brake his leg?

he was doing a move and then he broke his leg

When did Barbaro break his leg?

He broke his leg May 20th, 2006

Begins with a vowel and rhymes with harm?

leg it most definetly leg

Did Justin Beirber brake his leg?

Yes, Justin beiber did brake his leg and he broke it while in concert. he tripped on stage and broke it.

Has Lindsey vonn ever broke her leg?

she broke it so many times