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yes los angeles and phiphidalphia 76ers

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โˆ™ 2011-04-09 17:50:43
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Q: Did a nba team ever beat the team that swept them in the regular season in the playoffs?
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What NFL teams have the Ravens never beat?

Regular season: Patriots & Panthers Regular season & Playoffs: Panthers

Who is the only team Jacksonville Jaguars have not beat in the playoffs or regular season?

As of the 2008 season, that would be the St. Louis Rams who have defeated the Jaguars in both of their regular season meetings. The Jaguars have not defeated the New England Patriots in the regular season but have defeated them in the playoffs.

Who all did packers beat to win 2011 super bowl?

In the regular season they beat the New York Giants and the Bears just to win the wild card and make it into the playoffs. And they beat the Eagles, Falcons, Bears in the playoffs, and the Settlers in the Super Bowl.

What recent football season did the cowboys beat the eagles in the playoffs?

After the 2009 season.

How many times have the Pittsburgh Steelers beaten the Baltimore Ravens twice in one season?

In the regular season, four times ... 2008, 2002, 1998 and 1997. The Steelers beat the Ravens a third time in the 2008 playoffs. The Steelers also defeated the Ravens twice in 2001 and 2010, once in the regular season and once in the playoffs.

The last time the Boston Bruins beat the Montreal Canadiens in the playoffs?

The Boston Bruins swept their hated arch-rivals from Montreal in the first round of the 2009 playoffs.

What round in the playoffs did the Lakers get beat in the 06-07 season?


Didn't the cowboys beat the giants three times in one year?

Through the 2009 season, no. For the Cowboys to beat the Giants three times in one season they would have to meet in the playoffs. The Cowboys and Giants have met only once in the playoffs, that being in 2007 with the Giants winning 21-17. The Cowboys had won both regular season games against the Giants that season.

Did the patriots beat the colts 3 times in the 2008 season?

No, that's impossible anyway. They can only play once in the regular season and once in the playoffs. In 2008 the Patriots lost to the Colts once

Do eagles stand a chance to get in the playoffs this season?

Yes they do to get into the playoffs the raiders must beat the buccaneers, the giants beat the vikings or the Texans beat the bears and the eagles need to beat the cowboys. their odds are slim but they can do it.

Which nfl team has beat the same opponent in regular and postseason?

The new orleans saints beat the detroit lions both in regular season and the playoffs this year! Go saints! :) if this helped please take one second and press recommend user!

Who beat the Indianapolis Colts during 2007?

The New England Patriots, the San Diego Chargers, and the Tennessee Titans in the regular season, while the Chargers defeated them in the playoffs.

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