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Q: Did a john kelly play hurling for kilkenny?
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Who did kilkenny play in all senior hurling final 2008?


Who did Waterford play in the All Ireland Hurling final in 1959?

Waterford played Kilkenny in the 1959 All-Ireland Hurling final, beating them in a replay.

How long did Eoin Kelly play minor hurling for Tipperary?

2 years

GAA top scorers 2008?

In Gaelic Football, the top scorer in the senior championship was John Doyle from Kildare. He scored 2 - 26, of which 1 - 13 was from frees. In Hurling the top scorer in the senior championship was Eoin Kelly of Waterford. He scored 7 - 43, of which 1 - 34 was from frees. in Gaelic football it was john Doyle for kildare . he scored 2 - 26 . in hurling the top scorer in hurling was eoin kelly for waterford. he scored 7-43 . the top scorer in the gaa was eoin kelly .

Who won the 2008 All-Ireland Hurling semi-finals?

Kilkenny beat Cork and Waterford beat Tipperary to win their semi-finals and will play each other in the final on Sunday, September 7th, 2008.

Does Co Down play hurling?

Evert county in Ireland plays Hurling, so yes Co. Down does play Hurling.

How do you become a Kilkenny hurler?

You have to be from, or at least live in Kilkenny, and be good enough of a player to be selected to play for Kilkenny. To do that you have to practice very hard.

What county does joe canning play with?


Does Niall Horan play hurling?

No he doesn't.

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Did John Kelly play for the Green Bay Packers?

yes he played TE

How many people play hurling worldwide?