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Q: Did a john kelly play hurling for kilkenny?
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Who did kilkenny play in all senior hurling final 2008?


Who did Waterford play in the All Ireland Hurling final in 1959?

Waterford played Kilkenny in the 1959 All-Ireland Hurling final, beating them in a replay.

Who has won the most all-ireland hurling titles?

Henry Shefflin (Kilkenny), Christy Ring (Cork) and John Doyle (Tipperary) are the only players to have won 8 all ireland medals on the field of play.

How long did Eoin Kelly play minor hurling for Tipperary?

2 years

Who won the 2008 All-Ireland Hurling semi-finals?

Kilkenny beat Cork and Waterford beat Tipperary to win their semi-finals and will play each other in the final on Sunday, September 7th, 2008.

Does Co Down play hurling?

Evert county in Ireland plays Hurling, so yes Co. Down does play Hurling.

How do you become a Kilkenny hurler?

You have to be from, or at least live in Kilkenny, and be good enough of a player to be selected to play for Kilkenny. To do that you have to practice very hard.

Are girls allowed to play u14 hurling?

Women and girls of all ages play a slight variation of Hurling called Camogie.

What county does joe canning play with?


What games do the Irish play?


When was the last time a Munster team weren't in an all Ireland final?

As of the end of 2014, the last time a Munster team did not play in the All-Ireland Hurling Final was in 2012 when Kilkenny beat Galway. As of the end of 2014, the last time a Munster team did not play in the All-Ireland Football Final was in 2013 when Dublin beat Mayo.

How many counties play hurling?

All 32 counties in Ireland play Hurling. Teams for London and New York also participate in All-Ireland competitions.

What sport uses a slitter for play?


Does Niall Horan play hurling?

No he doesn't.

Does Monaghan play Hurling or Football?

There would be a little Hurling but Gaelic Football is the main sport played in county Monaghan.

Did John Kelly play for the Green Bay Packers?

yes he played TE

What age do you have to be to play minor hurling in the GAA?

Minor Hurling is under 18 years of age. Most players are in the range of 15 to 17. There are other underage categories which some will play in.

Can anybody play hurling?

Yes, anyone can play hurling, just like anyone can play any sport. It is an amateur sport, so anyone can participate in it. In Ireland hurling is one of the national sports, so children start playing it and many continue to do so as they grow up and play for their schools or local clubs and if they are really good they may end playing for their county.

How many people play hurling worldwide?


What Sports do the Irish play using a stick?

camogie and hurling they are the same sport and played in the same way but camogie is for girls and hurling is for boys

When and where did baseball player John Kelly play?

John Kelly debuted on June 7, 1879, playing for the Cleveland Blues at Kennard Street Park; he played his final game on October 19, 1884, playing for the Washington Nationals at .

Name the people that play on the bold and the beautiful?

John McCook, Susan Flannery, Ronn Moss, Katherine Kelly Lang

What famous people play the oboe?

shelby dolittle jacob elligoto kelly nigaston kingston john Also: Alex Klein John Mack and actor David Macallum.

Where is hurling allowed to be played in residential areas?

Many people just play in their gardens. In many urban and residential areas there are green spaces where people play themselves. Some parks have pitches designated for various sports, including ones where Hurling could be played. Many urban areas have GAA clubs and Hurling can be played there too. So there are lots of options.

What sports do the iresh play?

hurling Gaelic football rugby and spelling correctly