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Yes this happened in the 03-04 season, during his tenure with the Detroit Pistons. It occurred during a game with their long time division rival the Indiana Pacers. During the the beginning of the fourth quarter, Piston's center, Ben Wallace was attacked by a Algerian Bat which had been imported by the Detroit Zoo, and immediately requested time out. After returning to court Wallace was barraged by various insults by the opposing pacers, including phrases such as "pu*sy sh*t" "What are you some b*tch?" After returning similar harsh words, the conflict escalated into an outright fight which we now know as the notorious Indiana/Detroit brawl. Little do most fans know this whole fight was caused by a bat attack on Ben Wallace.

After the incident the NBA began numerous inquiries into the safety of the arenas in order to prevent such attacks by animals. David stern commented saying, "We have to make sure our players are safe."

Ben Wallace was then diagnosed for a rare type of disease from this bat bite. The disease known to specialists as " The Batilocieans"would directly influence his hand eye co-ordination, and thus ability to play Basketball. Ben Wallace has never fully recovered, which we can observe in his poor play on the offensive end.

Source: NBA vault Files

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Q: Did a bat ever fly into Ben Wallace hair?
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