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In the 1998 Women's tourney, #16 seed Harvard defeated #1 seed Stanford Cardinal.

No 16 seed has beaten a 1 seed in the Men's tournament. However, #16 Western Carolina lost 71-73 to #1 Purdue in 1996.

*~//~*More telling than that, in 1989 Georgetown (50-49 over Princeton after Alonzo Mourning blocked two last-second game-winning shot attempts) and Oklahoma both won by only one point over their respective #16 seeds, with Oklahoma needing to rally from a seventeen-point deficit to upend upstart East Tennessee State 72-71

Also, one could argue that 1990 Murray State came closest, depending on your point of view, as they took Michigan State to overtime before losing by four, 75-71.

And the Harvard win over Stanford deserves a HUGE asterisk, because Harvard was much better than a 16 seed, as well as due to the fact that two of Stanford's starters were injured, which, in a men's bracket, would've cost them their seeding because seeding is universally represented by the product put on the floor in the men's game. It was, in retrospect, more of a traditional 14 vs 3 matchup.

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Q: Did a 16 seed ever beat a 1 seed?
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What is the lowest seeded team to ever beat a 1 seed in the ncaa tournament?

16 seed, beat duke last year

Has the 16 seed ever won the NCAA basketball division one tournament?

Yes,In 1998 in the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Tournament 16 seed Harvard beat 1 seed Stanford

What is the lowest seed to ever beat a 1 seed?


What is the closest game between a 1 seed and a 16 seed?

ETSU got beat as a 16 seed by Oklahoma in 1989

Has a No. 16 seed ever beaten a No. 1 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament?

Yes a number 16 seed has beat a number one seed in the NCAA basketball tournament, but it was in the womens' tournament. In 1988, 16th seed Harvard beat 1st seed Stanford in the womens' tourney. (Answer by Mymomisnfat) It also happened in 2018 when the University of Maryland - Baltimore County (16th seed in the South) beat the University of Virginia (1st seed in the South) by a score of 74 - 54.

Did a number 1 seed ever lose to a number 16 seed in NCAA basketball?

A number one seed has never lost to a 16 seed.

Did a Number 15 seed ever beaten a number 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament?

No because the 1 seed faces the 16 seed, but 1 seeds are 112-0 in games against 16 seeds.

Has a 16th seeded team ever beaten a 1 seeded team in the NCAA basketball tournament?

No there hasn't been any 16th seed team to beat a number 1 seed. But there has been a teams that were a 15th seed to beat a 2nd seed

Has a 16 seed ever beat a 1 seed in March Madness?

No. However, #15 seeds have beaten #2 seeds six times, with the 2 most recent in 2012, Duke losing to Lehigh 70-75 and Norfolk St beat Missouri 86-84.

Has a March Madness 1 seed ever lost to a 16 seed?

no not thus far...I hope it will though! :)

What is the closest a 16 seed has ever come to beating a 1 seed?

The closest has been a one point loss.

Has a 11 seed ever beat a 1 seed in the ncaa mens basketball championship?

The answer to your question is yes. George Mason (2006) and LSU (1986) both beat #1 seeds as #11 seeds. In 2011, Virginia Commonwealth (VCU) beat #1 Kansas to become the third #11-seed (LSU and George Mason being the first two) to advance to the Final Four.

Has a number 8 seed in the playoffs of the nba ever beat a number 1 seed?

Yes. Several times. One of the most recent times was in 2007 when Golden State Warriors beat the heavily favored Dallas Mavericks.

Has a 1 seed ever lost to 16 seed in March Madness?

Nope, In the history of March madness a one see has never lost in the first round.

Has another team ever beaten three other No 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament?

Arizona was the first to beat three No 1 seed teams in a NCAA Tournament.

What is the farthest a 16 seed got in march madness?

A #16 seed has never beaten a #1 seed in March Madness.

What seed was Marquette when they won the 1977 ncaa championship?

Marquette was the #16 seed in the NCAA Men's basketball tournament in 1977. They advanced and won the championship. They were also the only team to ever beat all 4 #1 seeds during the ncaa tournament.

Who is going to win from Kansas and Lehigh?

Kansas is a 1 seed, so obviously they are heavily favored. In fact, no #1 seed has ever lost a first round matchup to a 16. So you can almost guarantee that Kansas will win

When did the 16 seed make it to the final four?

A 16 seed has never defeated a 1 seed, which is their first opponent of the round of 64

Has a number16 seed ever beaten a number 1 seed?


Has a 1 seed ever lost to and eight seed in the NCAA?

A #1 seed has beaten a #8 seed 37 out of 46 times (80.43%)

Has any college basketball team that was ranked 64th ever upset the team ranked number 1 in the NCAA tournament?

16 seeded Harvard defeated 1 seed Stanford in the 1998 women's NCAA tournament. That is the only victory by a 16 seed in either the men's or women's tournament.

How close has a 16 seed gotten to beating a 1 seed?

In 1989 TWO number 16 seeds, Princeton and East Tennessee State, lost by one point. (Princeton lost to Georgetown who ended up losing in the Elite Eight, and ETSU lost to Oklahoma who endeed up making the Sweet 16.) In 1990 Murray State lost to Michigan State by 4 in Overtime, the first 1-16 game to go to OT. MSU lost in the Sweet 16. In the Women's Tourney the 1 seed lost ONCE. #16 Princeton beat #1 Stanford 71-67.

Has a team ever beat 3 number 1 seeds in a NCAA basketball tournament?

Villanova,Arizona Arizona is the only team to beat three number one seeds in the tournament. This was in 1997 when they beat Kansas, UNC and Kentucky, and went on to become the only number four seed to ever win the tournament.

How do you beat big seed level 1?

just mirror it