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Q: Did Woody Hayes originate using helmet decals in college football?
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How do football teams get their helmet decals on so straight?

The equipment manager is in charge of all equipment upgrades and augments

What college was the first to have an insignia on their football helmet?

Michigan with their winged helmet.

What football helmet does college teams wear?


What college football team has a blue helmet with a wolf on it?


What college football team has a blue U on their helmet?

Utah state

Which college football team has a green helmet with an E?

Eastern Michigan

What college football team has a white helmet with a m on it?

Mississippi state university

What football team has a gold helmet with red mask?

Boston College Eagles

What college Football helmet blue with white c?

UCONN (university of Connecticut)

Who was first nhl player to wear a helmet?

That distinction goes to George Owen, Boston Bruins defenseman. He had played football while in college and when he entered the NHL in 1928 he wore the same leather helmet that he had worn in college when playing football.

Where can you buy Georgia bulldog helmet decals?

Ebay - I just purchased some

Who started the football helmet stickers?

The College Football Final Crew, Lou Holtz, Mark May, and Rece Davis