Did Wilt chamberlin coach

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Did Wilt chamberlin coach
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What did wilt chamberlin have as a nickname?

Wilt the Stilt.

Is Kevin Chamberlin Wilt Chamberlin ' s brother?


Who holds the NBA scoring mark for a single half with 59 points?

Wilt Chamberlin Wilt Chamberlin

Is Wilt Chamberlin black?


What was Wilt Chamberlin nick names?

Wilt the Stilt The big Dipper

What did Wilt Chamberlin die of?

old age

How old is wilt chamberlin?

73 or 74

Did wilt chamberlin play in any movies?


A list of the most 40 points games in nba history?

wilt chamberlin

Who had the highest lifetime NBA average score?

Wilt Chamberlin

Does wilt chamberlin have kids?

Nope. He was a bachelor till death

How tall is wilt the stilt chamberlin?

7 feet 1.