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Yes as he started his career with ever ton so he played with Liverpool.

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Q: Did Wayne Rooney play for everton vs Liverpool?
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What club did Wayne Rooney play for in 2002?

Everton FC.

What team did Wayne Rooney use to play?

Everton And then Manchester United

What team did Wayne Rooney play for before he came in Man U?


How many seasons did Wayne Rooney play for everton?

2 Seasons between 2002-2004 played 67 games and scored 15 goals for Everton.

What season did Wayne Rooney start playing in the English Premier League?

In 2002 for Everton he started to play in the English premier league.

Does Rooney play for everton?

no, man united

Who do Liverpool play in the Merseyside derby?


What sport did Wayne Rooney play before football?

Aged 10, Rooney joined the youth team of Everton, for whom he made his professional debut in 2002.

Which country does Wayne Rooney play for?


Will Wayne Rooney play tomorrow?


Did Glen Johnson play for everton?

I do not think he played for Everton . He played for West Ham, Portsmouth and now Liverpool.

Will Wayne Rooney play in the tour 2010?

Yes he will play.