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Wayne Rooney went to Man Utd from Everton at the age of 18 and has stayed at Man Utd since.

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Q: Did Wayne Rooney get traded from man you?
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Has Wayne Rooney been traded?

ofcourse he never had been traded da who do you think you are lil wayne?

What is the Nationality of Man United Wayne Rooney?

The nationality of Man United Wayne Rooney is British.

Who is more famous Spider-Man or Wayne Rooney?

Spider-Man as a fictional character is more famous than Wayne Rooney.

How did Wayne Rooney join Manchester united?

Man united signed Wayne Rooney from everyton for 25 million

What is the description of Wayne Rooney?

a bald man...

Was Wayne Rooney the first man on the moon?


Which team Wayne Rooney played before man utd?

Wayne Rooney played for Everton before Manchester United.

Who is man united's best player?

Wayne Rooney

Who play for man united now?

Wayne Rooney

When did Wayne Rooney start playing for Man U?


Wayne Rooney's first number at man united?


What number is Wayne Rooney for man you?

It is Jersey number 10.