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Yes. He made his league debut against Aston Villa at Goodison Park. He scored his first goal against Arsenal in a 2-1 victory.

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Q: Did Wayne Rooney ever play for everton when he was 16 years old?
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Did Wayne Rooney ever get lucky in his life in soccer?

Waaayne Rooney got lucky playing football it all started at Everton club.

Did Wayne Rooney play for everton vs Liverpool?

Yes as he started his career with ever ton so he played with Liverpool.

Has Rooney scored against everton?

No he has not scored yet against ever ton.

Has Rooney ever played for Germany?

No. He has only ever played professionally for Everton, Manchester United and England.

Who is the youngest ever goal scorer for England?

wayne rooney

Is Wayne Rooney the best ever footballer in the world?

no he isn't

Has Wayne Rooney ever smoked?

Of course he doesn't, he's a football player.

Who is the highest ever English champions league goalscorers?

wayne rooney

Why did Wayne Rooney leave Everton?

Wayne left Everton to further his football career. He is a brilliant footballer and the talent was thought to be wasted at Everton. He is now a world class internation footballer with 2 Premier League Winners Medals, 1 Champions League winners medal and a Carling Cup Winners Medal. And because he look like shrek .

Who is the youngest ever professional soccer player in England?

Jack Rodwell- 17 yrs old (Everton) Theo Walcott-19 yrs old (Arsenal) Daniel Sturridge- 19 yrs old (Manchester City)

Has Wayne Rooney ever been arested?

He hsa never been arrested.

Who is the best player to ever play on Manchester United?

I think it was Wayne Rooney.